The Story of My Experiments With Food

I'd always promised myself that some day when I had enough time I'd diligently learn how to cook an entire cuisine. Well....oh well... there is such a cuisine as random self indulgence, right? And these are all things I never made before so as long as I'm learning...

And that's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to you - made from scratch!

And that's the smart cookie who baked them enjoying the fruits of her labour.. remaining cookies to be donated to various nice peoples

And that me dears is a two faced pizza, like some peoples we all may know from time to time, except tastier. One side has bacon, asparagus, tomatoes and asiago cheese with paprika and the other has smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and black olives (yes I know, should have been capers but I forgot to buy them in shop due to classic case of ASSS (American Supermarket Stupefecation Syndrome). Still, very good.



Yes indeed I have had the grace not to take a picture of myself stuffing my face with that beauty. After all there's only so many greasy haired and gluttonous pictures of oneself that should be allowed into the pubic domain.


hansatin said…
blump- will be over commenting soon, but looks loverly
tasted as good, eh?
hansatin said…
i like the right side more i think, the white sets off the orange and the yellow and those olives

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