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Essay in Outlook: Tumhara Ishq Ishq....? The Double Meanings of Desire, Porn and Erotica

Tumhara Ishq Ishq…? The Double Meanings Of Desire, Porn And Erotica Not taste and aesthetics, but class and power draw the line between porn and erotica. Exploitation happens everywhere in the world of real-world sex—not just in porn. By Paromita Vohra August 16, 2021 The Other F Word Illustration by Akriti Sharma. Image courtesy Agents of Ishq. Follow them on Instagram @agentsofishq What are we really talking about when we talk about the division between porn and erotica? Why does this division keep returning to our conversations with slippery futility? Perhaps the most succinct essay on the topic can be found in the film Ishqiya (2010). The character Babban, played by Arshad Warsi, says to Khalu, the character played by Naseeruddin Shah: “ Y