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in danger of living

For some days I think that I would like to put all my new pictures here - not pictures taken from roaming the world but pictures taken from sitting still, of birds seen on the tree outside my window - a red eyed male koel, a strange striped bird that was here for two days, a light blue chickadee. But I am spending some time trying to slow down life to the pace inside which I will know quite precisely but ductlessly what I am thinking, where I will not have to stop in the middle of things and hold my breath and let my eyes glaze over to grab the vanishing hem of a thought that got tired of waiting. While I try to figure that out I've been reading poetry and some have the rhythm I am looking for so, here. Out of Danger Heart be kind and sign the release As the trees their loss approve. Learn as leaves must learn to fall Out of danger, out of love. What belongs to frost and thaw Sullen winter will not harm. What belongs to wind and rain Is out of danger from the storm. Jealous p