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Screenings of Partners in Crime in the US, October 2013

NEW YORK @Uniond ocs, Brooklyn Sunday, October 27, 7.30 pm @NYU Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 4 pm Kriser Screening Room, Department of Anthropology, 25 Waverly Place, NYU Campus. ABOUT THE FILM TRAILER -  Partners in Crime (94 min. HDV. Documentary. Hindi and English, 2011, India) DIRECTOR Paromita Vohra PRODUCER: Magic Lantern Foundation EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Devi Pictures CAMERA Shanti Bhushan, Bakul Sharma EDITOR Rikhav Desai SOUND Asheesh Pandya, Chris Burchell, Gissy Michael MUSIC Akshay Rajpurohit & Kuber Sharma Who owns a song – the person who made it or the person who paid for it? Is piracy organized crime or class struggle? Are alternative artists who want to hold rights over their art and go it alone in the market, visionaries or nutcases? Is the fine line between plagiaris