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Because Love is Sex and Sex is Love and Shahrukh Khan

This is part of a story that I wrote for a collection of erotica edited by Ruchir Joshi. It's a fantasy - about time travel, about loving sex between strangers, about the feeling that every encounter is an intense piece of travel, equal parts intimate and unknown, unknowable. As are places, so are people. And yes its a thinly disguised Shahrukh - or a character made up of Shahrukh's emanation of sex-love-love-sex, no dhoka. So, for Pragya Tiwari, who asked for this story on SRK's 50th birthday, here's an excerpt :) The whole story is in this book. (Side comment - writing a blog post feels oddly like time travel in its own way! And so, a little bit sexy to.) TOURISTS - AN EXCERPT Sartaj squeezed me tight. He had beautiful forearms. I could feel the thickness of his hair on the back of my neck. ‘It’s going to be a mess getting up. And we don’t have other clothes, so better not put these on,’ he said. We tiptoed naked past the sweeping