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Bodily Fluid: The Movement of Bollywood Dance from Body to Body

I wrote this essay for a book called tiltpauseshift: Dance Ecologies in India, published by Gati Dance Forum. I'm sharing it because Saroj Khan's passing made me remember it. Bodily Fluid: The Movement of Bollywood Dance from Body to Body Paromita Vohra For long, the song-and-dance elements of Indian cinema were seen as guilty pleasures, not to mention proof of its artistic inferiority. Even today, when this approach is being reassessed, it is not uncommon to hear the dismissive term ‘dancing around trees’. It is presented as an emblem of popular Hindi cinema’s infantile silliness, apparently on account of both un-realism and coyness about sex, disallowed by censorship. Into present time, directors of the new wave of Bollywood ‘indies’ declare their squeamishness with the song-and-dance routine, and talk about how they work around it in their films as it is a necessity of the market rather than an artistic preference. Their solutions are often pr


The Lockdown in India has had a devastating effect on so many sections of the poor - daily wage workers now without any earnings, migrant workers left to walk home on their own, sex workers, transfolx. Some people are starting up initiatives and this is not exhaustive. I'm just putting it down in one place because I think Facebook becomes very scattered. In terms of how to donate, I think we should not feel anxious that what we are giving is not enough. Every bit does count. You can do it two ways. Figure out what you can afford to give, increase your first figure just a little if possible, then either give all to one or give a little to a few initiatives (I'm dong the latter). Please try not to think thoughts like 'these people are stupid why don't they stay put' etc. These are people no one has factored into their planning. Don't feel that because people criticize the government and you disagree, your only option is to also criticize the poor. You can