Easter, supposedly

It is easter. Beethoven's Song of Joy on NPR. Flowers. Bunnies. Sunshine. Regeneration. And, er, snow. 32 degrees farenheit which is 1 degree centigrade. A sweater and a coat. Well, at least there are some people in Provincetown who don't believe in the false cheer of pretending it's Spring just because it's the cruel month. I'm with you people! Aage badho, hum tumhare saath hain.

Later today I have been invited to Easter dinner at my friend Amy's. Amy works at the Fine Arts Work Centre but she's also a chef. More pictures of food will follow I suspect. Anyway, can one with such excellent hair, go wrong in any way that counts?


Happy Easter!


Anarchytect said…
i like the photoblog. love the houses.
parotechnics said…
Sir! Thank you ji. You're encouraging me kya..
hansatin said…
for easter, in hot bombay i went to marjories house for a delayed birthday celebration.
marie- her mom- had made a feast-( i did think- fit for a wedding-)
pork sorpotel, sannas, some wonderful beef meat load, two kinds of chicken, there was some veggie stuff, which i did not eat.
many married people, i sat with one little girl and could answer only one of her 100 riddles.
answer was 'needle with a thread' riddle i forget

there was a girl in that same room playing with another kid and i thought- she is tucking herself away, i am more comfortable here than her, perhaps?
later in the evening, when some of the people i knew had appeared, and the ones i did not know had gone( shows what a rat i have become) i chatted with her some- by then, she had also let go of the kids and started talking- whcih means those married people were actually a bit intimidating
she runs some sort of company which does publicity for film stars/films
she started out on her own, girl from jodhpur, lives on mira road, has finally got herself a car - she has a driver likes the travel, with worldspace playing annu mallik songs( she dropped me home so i know)
'am a loner, she told me- so i dont mind the long rides)
has handled mallika sherawats publicity- yes, yes yes
she liked that better than doing publicity for guru or bluff master
- she told me how she had joined marketing at channel v- thats how she knew my friend marj
how marj had encouraged her
and well, how slowly she had flown

met another girl of 23 who only runs her parents helicopter company
that makes her sound too rich to be likeable- but she was, and- i got to knwo later- has seen the company thru super difficult times at a very young age
now if they must make page threes, why dont they do it as fiction?
( i suppse i would miss the cheapie photographs then)
this is not a comment- i know, but it is a sharing of a easter story, hence a comment?
parotechnics said…
Man, I'd like to go to Marj's easter cum belated birthday party next time!

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