Spicy Pepperoni
Cheese and crackers
Green beans with onions in a balsamic vinaigrette
Asparagus with rock salt and balsamic vinegar - (do you remember when rock salt would be in every house? Do we get it in India anymore or is it all taken over by Tata's iodised salt?)
Devilled eggs
Shrimp with some sort of creamy, pale red dipping sauce
Steamed artichoke with dipping butter
A salad of arugula, braised scallops topped with a cauliflower puree, raisins and walnuts
Roast lamb
Roast vegetables
Arugula pesto
Tomato and gorgonzola relish
Chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles

We also each got an easter basket fit for a lush, sorry, I mean, sophisticate. With little sweeties and a nip of liquor each. Mine was a miniature bottle of pear vodka. Clearly I chose my seat well!

It's my feeling that Amy should move to Bombay and open an establishment called Amy's Excellent Repasts on Mahakali Caves Road. But she may be discouraged by the unavailability of scallops in our seas...
A huge part of the dinner conversation was dedicated to the food. But also some to Art. Sexuality. Relationships - conventional and not conventional on which I'd say Amy's friend Nikki had the final word - if I find one that is happy and works, I will know it's merely a miracle..Finally we'd all drunk so much that Amy had to sort of fall half asleep as the only way of ejecting us.
Thank you Amy. Thank you Jesus. And thank you the other guy too.


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