Harlem Homegirls

On Mother's Day, Saadia, who I bonded with on the basis of same taste in clothes and similar shopping mania, Tulin - Maria's Turkish friend who is a famous style consultant in Istanbul and has columns with glam pics alongside and also features on Turkish Page 3s - Nur (Tulin's aristocratic aunt) and I went to Harlem for a gospel brunch in Harlem.

But since the sound engineer had an accident or something, we barely got to hear any gospel! We had to be content with southern fried chicken. A little mimosa drinking made the lack of music bearable. When the sound engineer arrived he did not look like he'd been in an accident so we gave him beady looks but he kept acting busy and ignored our collective glares.

So we had to be content with Tulin's fantastic eyelid and hair trick in the entertainment department.

Later we walked around Harlem, and took in the sights.

I must say I generally agreed with the Harlem Point of View as expressed by Puppy.(please check out legend under the word"Outlet" and don't be distracted by the mural - can't let ideology interfere with reality now). Or in Bollywood terms - sab theek ho jayega. Hence I immediately pounced on Delicioso one dollar delights. It was needed after hectic shopping at Marshalls once urban heritage had been appropriately consumed - the refurbished Apollo theatre and all

But next time I'm getting the nails instead of only the icecream that matches my accessories. A girl's got to have the complete look. (although I may draw the line at the Eyebrows Wax).


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