We are Like this Only - Ban It

This week's Mid-day column, coming on the heels of the world cup (although not about the world cup, not about cricket etc.)

Just about our enthusiasm for censorship and such stupidities on the one hand so we can ignore how bigoted we really are and how much easier we find it to hate than to love. I don't know if that's just the human way as some tend to argue.

I know that I do equal number of things from anger or annoyance as I do from enchantment. So if those who express hate are expressing love someplace, why aren't we hearing of it more? Or do we not see it as love, because we are prejudiced against the thing they love.

Meanwhile, not quite connected but I found this amusing link - pride in being censored - while searching for an image of a CC.

Took the image from a rather nice site called Doc Bollywood btw.


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