Going on being Unlimited

One Women's Day, many years ago, my friend Jabeen and I went to a Women's Day dance party. It was really a superb thing - it was in some pub type place in Mahim, the entrance fee was reasonable, the music was not bad and there were lots of women there, mostly who identified with feminism in an organised way, but perhaps some friends and fence sitting types also.

On the whole we had a lot of fun and it seemed like a really nice way to celebrate Women's Day - different than the same old Women's Day marches.

But as often happens, this sort of thing goes to the other extreme. I yearn now for those mixed up marches. Jabeen and I again went to a club on Women's Day along with our friends Anjali and Nidhi. It was a fund raiser, with rock bands. It was utterly depressing. It was expensive. A long line of people who looked like they had wandered in from tryouts for extras parts in Sex and the City stood outside. What is this with the FROCKS??? There was no connection with Women's Day in the shape of the event, there was no real relationship with it in the performers, who, talented as they are, are in that vague boho chic zone of politics (let's get together and have a gooood time while doing something for a meaningful cause). WTF? Get educated first and then maybe it will be meaningful that you are raising money for girls' education. All these so called alternative folks - they need to get a serious position going. As also better dress sense. Please stop wearing frocks.

I thought a lot about my discomfort with the event. And this is what I understood - that as such, I did not object to the event, in terms of it being a fund raiser. If well off people want to be stupid while contributing to a good cause, hey, bring it on. It just should not have been linked to Women's Day. Respect.

Here's my column though on taking back women's day.

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