After a saga and a half and rather too much fullness of time, finally, a website is up. I have no idea why it does not show up in Google searches, but it doesn't. Does anyone know why? I mean it's been up for a couple weeks already. Anyway, here it is:

Times change alright....


Space Bar said…
it takes time for sites to turn up on google. how high a page is ranked depends on how many people search for it. so keep checking!

a better indication would be for you to sign up on technorati or some such. (not that any of this helps; basically the more people search, the more it turns up on searches.)

btw, meant to say y'day, once i'm on each page, i can see animations on mouse-overs but nothing else. glitch or something i'm not doing?

and congrats!

wv: melievi. :-)
parotechnics said…
Hey thanks - I don't know why you can't see anything - you should scroll down and see text and trailers and stuff...
Space Bar said…
can see stuff now. musta been some glitch with my connection only.
Natasha said…
Such a fun website; great graphics and of course, fabulous content.
How did you do it? My farshi salaam to the designer(s)
parotechnics said…
Natasha and SS - yes it is a gorgeous design, thanks :) on behalf of all who put it together

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