yeh ILU ILU kya hai

So while it snows outside and I drink my espresso at Cup of Joe in Pennington, while my friend has some sort of meeting with other farm moms (don't ask).. this is just the sort of news from home you want.

"Just a fortnight ahead of Valentine’s Day, guess, who among the top Indian politicians went romantic. Well, it is railway minister Lalu Prasad, who in his inimitable style, said “I love you” in public. No, it was not his wife Rabri Devi, but one of his innumerable female fan’s who recently expressed her ‘true love’ for the railway minister in the latter’s blog."

Of course Laluji hastens to clarify - although he manages to do it without sounding too moralistic.

" spirited man that he is, Lalu took the gesture of his fan quite jestfully. “She loves me, I love her,” Lalu conveyed to his fan in English, in front of the TV camera. The spontaneous comment from Lalu left newsmen in peels of laughter, but the railway minister was quick to admonish them saying “that his comment should not be misconstrued, as love is something that should be comprehended in its entirety, that is, in a fuller, broader sense. "

How tame Valentine's Day is here - no protests, no misconstruals.

The rest of Lalu piece HERE.

Of which the most interesting information is that Lalu has his OWN BLOG!

Yes, hello goodbye. I understand.

But before you go, in other news - I have had my toenails painted emerald green with polka dots in pool blue, hot pink and yellow. Pictures soon.


Banno said…
Yes, yes, pictures please.

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