in the Mood for Macbeth anyone?

Manyata Dutt fascinates me. I'm bummed I'll be missing her on that totally, hilariously camp Abu Jani show First Ladies, next week.

But I'd love to be a fly on the wall for a couple days in this household. Now that'd be material for another Maqbool..


Banno said…
Yes, particularly since Mumbai Mirror did an article on how siblings start fighting when Amar Singh enters the family! When is this show? I MUST watch it.
parotechnics said…
Banno - when did Mirror do this article? That's very interesting.. Amar Singh is another fascinating, but somehow scary guy. Father of twins late in life.. it's all so epic.. Not sure when the show comes - I think Saturday evenings. But it's always being advertised on NDTV - it comes on NDTV Good Times and it's wives of famous people. Suzanne Roshan was on it and yet again Hrithik sang her a corny pop song. And Abu Sandeep get so fluttery about everything. It's most entertaining. The promos has Manyata saying - "If loving Sanjay is wrong then I don't mind being wrong all my life" or something like that.
Julian Booth said…
What a fabulous party....I see that children's bday party where EVERYTHING must be home made! And the results with natural colors are nothing less than vibrant! I love all the pictures I think you should create a photo mug with that picture. I am sure it will looks so pretty & unique.

Anyways thanks for this wonderful story Loved it!!!!!

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