...for a recording of this ghazal sung by who-ever (I don't know who sang it though I thought it was Begum Akhtar)

Bas Ik Jhijhak Hai Yahii Haal-e-Dil Sunaane Me.n
--Kaifi Azmi

Bas Ik Jhijhak Hai Yahii Haal-e-Dil Sunaane Me.n

bas ik jhijhak hai yahii haal-e-dil sunaane me.n
ki teraa zikr bhii aayegaa is fasaane me.n

baras pa.Dii thii jo ruKh se naqaab uThaane me.n
vo chaa.Ndanii hai abhii tak mere Gariib-Khaane me.n

isii me.n ishq kii qismat badal bhii sakatii thii
jo vaqt biit gayaa mujh ko aazamaane me.n

ye kah ke TuuT pa.Daa shaaKh-e-gul se aaKhirii phuul
ab aur der hai kitnii bahaar aane main

The only person I ever heard singing this was my dad, who'd sing it beautifully. He was of the generation that had never studied Hindi in school. He couldn't even write his own name in Hindi (his name was Ravi, but he'd write it and say - see - and it would be Ram - someone had obviously taught it to him as a joke). He'd studied Urdu so his relationship with Urdu poetry was one of both ease and pleasure. When he was in hospital I used to try to make him teach me. I know that I wasn't quite getting it for a while because he'd keep correcting me. Some times I would get it right though. It is just one of those tunes that seem simple but it as a lot of nooks and crannies. So in essence I've been trying to re-remember it and I think I've gotten it back mostly. But if I'm not singing it right, my dad's not around to correct me any more. So it somehow seems to matter a lot that I should be able to sing it right.

So any afficionados or friends of aficionados, please let me know if and where I might get it.


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