So much sidetracking, So little time. Or..... Dil Mein Mere Hai Dard-e-Disco

The only time I felt no objection to the pornography of repitition that is Indian news TV. It is not possible for me to do any work when NDTV India shows a half hour program on the making of Dil Mein Mere Hai Dard-e-Disco.

I don't know if the film will be as good as Main Hoon Na - whether it will be over-referential and overworked in general. I'm rooting for it to work. What I like about this song is that it doesn't just act smart and mock other people's work, in making an ironic comment, it also seriously adds to the popular vocabulary.

Oh who am i kidding. I love SRK, his baady, his goofy grin, his knowing eyes, his tongue so firmly in cheek.

So does she

Come on now let's go


i'm as much of a lech as the next girl when it comes to srk, but i must say i am NOT HAPPY with his new look, new baady. he looks like he's had too many protein shakes, or maybe a botched-up face job? and he's too basically wiry to carry off this pumped-up look. he's got a distinctly preseved-like-tom-cruise look now. which is so sad. kya karoon haaye, kuch nahi hota hai!
Deepshikha said…
I agree with anita & amit :) .. I think this kind of baady is not suiting him. In fact in the World T20 finals match, SRK was looking alot like Michael Jackson (they way MJ looked after his numerous plastic surgeries). SRK should understand that he doesnt need to try this hard, he already has a great fan following :)
parotechnics said…
Girls please! What happened to true love? I agree with you that especially in this picture, the only one I could find online, there is a touch of the necrophiliac and the Mattel. But please check out the song and then see if kuchh hota hain ki nahin. And as for face job, give it a little time to settle.

Oh ye of little faith!
parotechnics said…
and if too many rudenesses about SRK happen I will delete them! Ah the power, hoo ha ha ha ha
Deepshikha said…
He he, someonz getting angry. Sorrrry baba :(
Anonymous said…
And now for some moderate views (if that is at all possible when its the SRK in question). I agree with everyone. I like his Swades (oooohhhhhhh...) and Chak De (OOOHHHH...) looks better, but please, people, love (even lust) must rise above the bodily. Hence, tickets must be purchased. Plus tht song is oh, so good.
parotechnics said…
moderation is for moderators, not real women
i hate to do this to you paro, but i just saw this online and remembered you! i think it's time to call up srk and have that long chat about being healthy...
Deepshikha said…
Hey P, watched the film OSO yesterday - and I had to tell you about it -- I was so bored :(
parotechnics said…
I have just returned from travels to see these comments. Deepshikha how could you be bored? Clearly you do not believe in true love. I watched the film yesterday and I liked it quite a bit. I loved SRK more than ever. I am planning to stand outside Mannat and sing - hamein tumse pyaar kitna, yeh hum nahin jaante - except I can't make up my mind about whether to sing the Parveen Sultana version or the Kishore Kumar one.

Anita - kindly refer to Umberto Eco's new book. Anyway,I think Iggy Pop's got character. And SRK is gonna go back to no-abs faster than fast

And admit - you all love talking about him as much as I do
Deepshikha said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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