back in the business, maybe, i think, i hope....

I have broadband after 4 months of fighting with MTNL. I am hoping it stays on but well...

And with more computer housekeeping happening, also, lovely pictures from when my friend Tara was visiting with her kids and her husband Jambi.

I like it that they could come to my house and I'd been to theirs, that feeling of continuity and belonging.

I also like how well trained these kids are in the massage department.The high point of the technicque is a little jiggling dance they do when they get to your bottom and believe me they don't even know the heaven this is in places like God's own country.

And also how lovely they are. I do miss them.


Deepshikha said…
Ohh... You must have clicked the last picture in the post using the same toy you bought from US (about which you wrote in some other post of yours..). Nice :) . You have a lovely home :)
hansatin said…
what lovely lovely pictures, is there a prettier home? that small mirror by the bookshelf is looking radiant

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