furiously updating!

So for the last three months life has been one long slog. I can't remember when I've just been in such a tunnel of work and nothing but.

Anyway the result is a new film - more about that in another post.

Meanwhile for Spacebar and others who've scolded me for my slackness in updating columns, this is a list of links to all the ones I've written since Mr. B's below. I think I was so thrilled that he had complained about it that I felt, chalo, ab ho gaya.

To list them, will no longer have a vulgar feel because unlikely subjects will then appear together, instead of a week apart, but here goes.

On the snobbery of some cult fictions (sci-fi, say) over other pulp (Mills and Boons)

On the strangeness of identity and the stranger still Unique Identity project

The next one, on Sea View, I'll post separately with pictures I think, since I want to write more about it


Phew, that's a lot.

I feel like a good girl now.


Space Bar said…
And I feel happy. Yay! So much to read!
Space Bar said…
hey - your swapping stories leads to the middle class article again.

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