Bade Bhaiyyaji ki vani, badi suhaani

My column in Sunday Mid-day about Amitabh Bacchan's desire to copyright/patent his voice.

There's no point asking how much money is enough - none of us know the answer to this question. But have we got the pitsiest public figures in the world or what?


richlyn said…
I came across your blog while googling for "amhi acche hai ghabrao nako aisa khat mein likho lyrics"
i ended up reading your wite up here

and ended up liking your Blog.

Bty i just wanted to know if you have succeeded in getting the lyrics of the song, if so kindly email me at
parotechnics said…
Hi RF and thanks. I haven't got the lyrics but I haven't tried very hard. However you could try asking the folks at Vacha - I think it's on a cassette they brought out. They are in Santa Cruz (W) and the number is 26055523
Rain Girl said…
are you the paromita? the filmmaker? please reply.
parotechnics said…
Rain Girl I'm certainly a paromita and I am a filmmaker, yes.
Rain Girl said…
Thanks for replying back so promptly :)
Space Bar said…
oi. why are you not putting up columns?
parotechnics said…
Space Bar men, been drowning in work for the last few weeks with finishing film etc. and barely managing to write column so not ended up posting it (gotta blame Facebook where it is quick and dirty and so, easy to post). Now so many are backlogged that it seems ridiculous. But will put up in one go now!
loved your article, Paromita. the virginia joke is too good. :)

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