How to Be an Action Hero


Banno said…
I'd read this in the Mid-day. Went back to it. Really liked this piece. I'm going to miss your column. How many more to go?
parotechnics said…
Hello thank you ji. It seems the column is not temporary, but i have to keep writing it till you tell me - enough! Stop! You suck!... so let me know when that is!!
Barbara Penner said…
Dear Paromita,

Sorry for contacting you via your blog, but I'm not sure how else to get you! We met several years ago in New York at the Harvey Molotch's "Outing the Water Closet": I've co- edited a book called Ladies & Gents. I'm off to South Africa to a workshop on urine diversion toilets next week and the organizers asked me today if I have any thoughts about interesting films/DVDs about toilets and gender. Naturally, I thought of yours and they're really keen to see it. It's a small group - about 10 people - but influential: all work in South African sanitation, either for various municipalities or for NGOs. Again, I realize this is VERY late notice, but is there any way we could find a copy? Can it be streamed anywhere?

I'd appreciate any advice.

Best, Barbara Penner (based in London, UK)

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