paro-normal Activity - 2

The bad thing about writing a column - you're constantly stressed out about what you'll write about.

The good thing - you don' t have to be stressed about updating your blog. You can just link to

It's a good thing they rename the columns as the last one (now called Out of the Box) was formerly called Sex Sex Sex. It's my impression that columnists do not have to be like, imaginative.



Space Bar said…
I know the feeling! (I have begun to build a column bank, out of paranoia. Plus, I always seem to be travelling the week my column is due!)

You really like their titles better? (I would have totally read a column titled sex, sex, sex).
parotechnics said…
Let's say they keep my facetious side in check :)
billy_cat said…
Hello Paromita.

I recently watched two documentaries you have been a part of - Unlimited Girls and Skin Deep. I had so much to say but no one to share an intellectual conversation with - so I looked you up. =)

For now, I'll say that any attempts to understand our contemporary Indian ways should be appreciated and you have my vote all the way.

You'll be seeing more of me. "Because this is only the middle of the beginning." =)
parotechnics said…
Billy Cat - thank you and welcome - I'll look forward to seeing more of you :)
AMIT said…
Yes sometimes we get stressed out.

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