and then, maybe sex is the revolution

Porn comic stars don't die they just become speech bubbles I guess.

Shor Bazaar, a band from Bombay has written a song about Savita Bhabhi which most have read about but all may not so diligently gone to look for on the day of release as I did.

For those of you more gainfully employed than I, my middle name is happy-to-serve - it is HERE

Is it great stuff ? Well the comic was punchier and funnier and struck the right ingenuous tone- this song isn't really spark-y and it loses it's opportunity to use the small thing to talk about the big thing, to somehow combine pleasure and comment - but, it's trying at least and it wants to be fun. And it's local produce people. So I'll take it for now.


Manak said…
the link for the song says "bad request" and why is the mangalsutra missing in the picture i wonder!! ??
parotechnics said…
yes, reason to make a comic called The Case of the Missing Mangalsutra - Savita bhabhi is about to become the creative open source event of the decade I suspect ;)

Have fixed link - for some reason they must've taken the lyrics off - but the song's still there

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