idhar udhar

I've always been ambivalent about blogging, about it's potential to make people take themselves too seriously, about everything in life becoming peformative, about the silent spaces being taken up by more noise.

The generally trivial nature of this blog is a sort of testimony or response to that.

Then Karan Bali expertly makes me agree to blog on upperstall. I feel that I must take other people seriously, I struggle to be serious therefore to write sensible things.

The resulting contradictions end up paralysing me. I hardly update this blog - three months after going to Mexico not a single picture uploaded yet. I hardly update that one - as I'm often sternly reminded.

What to do? I find it hard to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.


Space Bar said…
et, both of them freely resorted to the non-narrative, character is destiny, plot-ignoring tendencies of literary novels, without any of the facility or hard work found in good literary work. Neither of them met the basic requirements of their chosen forms.
Excellent point! (I've yet to read either book but soon. soon.)
I blog as a ritual yaar, sometimes its fun, mostly its an exercise that makes it easy to sleep.

Its when silence is heard in words that it's beauty is revealed, is it not?

Writers block happens when we bother what the others think about what we write. Its when we do not try to impress that writing happens spontaneously, and for this, I am totally grateful to this new animal BLOG, where no one edits, and even the comments can be moderated.;)

You write well, so keep writing, emailing, matters not.....

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