dragonflies in allahabad

The two top unconnected searches that bring people to this blog:

Dragonflies - who knew so many people want pictures of dragonflies??

Group sex in Allahabad - this I understand. In Allahabad group sex is possibly easier because after all two people on their own would be frowned upon. Therefore orgies are the only way out. I imagine that like raves they have an underground information network and those outsiders who want in on the action are left with no option but to google group sex in Allahabad in urgent if tenuous hopefulness. Poor things come here and find only dahi bataase ki chaat and Wheeler's bookshop.

Also a search that often leads here is SRK without a shirt.

Not much explanation needed there.


the mad momma said…
:) i'm from there and damn - i seem to have been blisfully unaware of these orgies.

by the way - LOVE your Heidi window.

parotechnics said…
TMM: in that case maybe you're one of those searching-for-group-sex-in-allahabad group members. If you ask me I think you should start your own splinter orgy group.

Thank you - I love the window too, although now after getting those plants I keep looking at them anxiously as if anxiety might make them bloom. Well worriers will find new locations to worry in...

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