Some of my best friends have kids...

“It’s almost un-American at this point to say you don’t want children, especially from an image perspective,” said Ms. Min, who spoke to The Observer the day her magazine broke the news of Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy. “It’s almost like saying you’re a communist.”

And not just in America either.

I remember when I was in college we had a catch all solution to any question the teachers asked - why was X thing happening in the Rennaisance? Up would go our hands - the rise of the middle classes. And the teacher would go, oh those middle classes, they've been rising forever, they just keep rising.

And so they do.

Nowadays I find that if I say anything on above subject (Maternal Fascism) I have to ammend by saying, "Hey, some of my best friends have kids and I love them. All I'm saying is...."


Deepa said…
Sigh. What a lovely blog. There are these Mumbai bloggers meets that I never seem to go to. Perhaps we should try one of them. If you go, I'll go too.

- Deepa
parotechnics said…
ha ha - as you can tell, i am not a very dedicated blogger - it has taken me months to get pictures from july online this week! But i can try and find you some company!

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