Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Back from sunny LA I found.. Sunny P-town! We had beautiful days. My friend from college, Tara, came with her husband Jumbi and their two lovely kids Mihir and Uma. We spent the day at the beach, ate, played games, made the kids walk far too much so we could eat at Tips for Tops'n, a Portugese restaurant. It was nice to be able to share this lovely space with some friends - what fun is it to have things if you can't enjoy them with your friends. I wish more people could have come to visit while I was here.

Mihir's school has recently introduced them to the idea of bird watching, so we bonded a bit on that front. We went to the Beech Forest to look (unsuccessfully) for the birds. Half way Uma burst into tears of hurt betrayal because there was no BEACH in the BEECH forest. So beach it was...

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