Tuesday, February 19, 2008

extraordinary, just like a straw-berry!

I have worked very hard the last few days. Been reading scripts submitted for a workshop - several of them and it's mind numbing in so many ways...

I've earned me a drink. But I want a special one. A deserved one not a functional put the water in the vodka and the vodka in the girl one.

So, here it is: a Dirty Pink Girl


Take 2-3 large strawberries and take off their shendis
Make sure you've washed your hands before - no need to take the name literally
Squeeze the strawberries, letting the juice run past your fingers, then mash the a little more between your fingers
Drop them into glass
Add vodka to taste, or need
Top it up with water or soda
Add ice
Piyo Meri Jaan

It tastes perfect and clean. Just the flavour of strawberries but no sweetness. Almost virtuous.

And try not to see the resha resha of the strawberries as flaking doll's hair. Think of sea anemones instead.

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anita & amit said...

sorry paro! join the insanity if u have the time, otherwise, let it pass! http://aniamit.blogspot.com/2008/02/tag-im-it.html#links
your berry drink sounds deevine. must try it!