Friday, October 26, 2007

so though i got no excuse my excuse is

See - my mtnl broadband saga was a sort of interruptus in the coitus of blogging from which I never recovered.

Since it's all so dependent on the photographs, I've been writing a loooooong post about Italy with all pictures, one line a week I guess.

Also - please note to the right of us - I am just a nice girl with a big backlog. I am being true to myself therefore and spitting at all those who sniggeringly think it's big backside instead of big backlog.

But now that this huge number of two people are demanding I write,I am feeling important. Italy post will and must be completed and will appear before I leave.

Thank god I forgot to take my camera to Kathmandu otherwise my backlog would have gotten worse.


anita & amit said...
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anita & amit said...

sorry i seem to have done some kaadi up there... anyway, me post is finally up, so come, come!